Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blogging Chat: Monthly Summary

     Hi, everyone. I am happy to report that "She Reads too Much Romance," has been a successful hit for publishers. I have been receiving a ton of compliments via email regarding the blog as well as the content. Each day for the past month there has been something new and exciting to posts including exclusive excerpts, giveaways, author chats and of course reviews! I think it is safe to say that the blog does offer something for every reader. The best part is that my June schedule is entirely booked with extra goodies. I have zero spots open so I am going to have to do my best to squeeze in some the reviews that I have written in between all the promotions. ;-)
A few of the authors that I will be hosting for June include Samantha Chase, Ally Boardfield, Jill Shalvis, Gayle Cullen, Sara McLean, Julia Quinn and much more. If you are a fan of Jill Shalvis's novels you can read an exclusive excerpt of her upcoming release, "Lost and Found Sisters," and you can search the blog using the sidebar to enter any giveaway you might have missed. 

  Throughout most of May, I have been busy including reading some exceptional romances including, "A Sky Full of Stars," by Samantha Chase (My eighth five-star rating in four years,) "About a Dog," by Jen McKinley and "Read Write Love at Seaside" and Dreaming at Seaside by Addison Cole. All these novels are books worth adding to your TBR list. I'll be sharing my reviews regarding these novels soon.

    Outside of work I have had a chaotic lifestyle as well. I have had a small number of guests living with me for nearly three months. It has been a major adjustment since I have had three small children living with me as well. I am not sure how M would have reacted to the situation since he and I were both used to living with only one another. I think about how M would have done or what he would have been doing and I cannot help, but to get sad in thinking about him and the life we shared.

   Anyhow back to the summary. If you have not already followed me on Twitter please do so. I am new to tweeting so please be patient. I do try and tweet as much as possible. Also, remember you can leave me a comment on this blog. I monitor comments on this blog due to spam but most of the time I approve all comments and would love to interact with readers. Of course, you can always shoot me an email at 

Thank you for being a part of my little community! 


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