Review Policy

Review Policy
  I want to point out that I do not accept any review requests from this blog. I ask that if you are an author, please do not email me with such a request. I only review directly from the books that I receive from NOR, Netgalley, Edelweiss and direct copies that are sent by the publishers to myself. If you send me an email with a request, please do not expect a reply. 

However, if you are an author that would like to be featured on my blog for an interview, spotlight or a giveaway please feel free to email me at You will need to have a date in mind and please include that date when emailing me the details. The material will need to be appropriate for adult readers and will need to comply with blogger's own guidelines. 

Giveaways will need to be provided by yourself. I do not host outside giveaways. As an author you will need to ensure that prize gave away is sent directly to the reader who won. I accept zero responsibility for the giveaways featured on this blog. 

I am more than happy to participate in blog tours. :) 

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