About Me

-This blog was created so that I could personally connect and to share my reviews with fellow bookish fans that love a tender, sexy romance as much as I do.

-The reviews that you, the reader will find are written in a professional, sometimes critical manner and are meant to aid publishers, authors and even readers in their respected decisions of the book that the review is based solely upon.

-I also write film reviews. I do want to point out that the film reviews are for strictly fun. I love films, not as much as I do books, but I will write reviews from time to time that is in regards to my favorite films or at least the films that I am most excited to see from month to month.

-Besides reviews, I also enjoy sharing tips on blogging in general, how to write the best review possible, blog tours, giveaways and much more.

So Who Am I?

 My name is Leone, and I love books, mostly the romance genre. I first fell in love with books when I read, author's Anne Sewell's "Black Beauty," in the third grade. I still cherish that book to this day and have reread the pages countless times. My love for romance novels arrived in the fifth grade when I insisted on reading (upon my parents's better judgement) Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet." That tragedy of star-crossed lovers has continued to be my absolute favorite romance over the years. Since I left my twenties last year, I have read so many romance novels. Of course, I love a good book regardless of the genre, "Eyes of the Dragon," by Stephen King will always be my favorite book, period.

I am still fairly new to blogs. I briefly held a blog last year that I loved, but decided to start fresh. I am hoping that this time my patience, (I blame my Irish heritage) will allow me to catch up. Although I am new to blogs, I am not new to reviewing. In fact I have been professionally reviewing for the past four years. Yes, four years. I sometimes cannot believe that it has been that long since I wrote my first professional review of Deanna Raybourn's, "A Spear of Summer's Grass." Thankfully, I loved the book and the author chose to use the review to promote her novel. I am still in love with Raybourn's books.

During the time that I have been professionally reviewing I have become a top reviewer on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads and Netgalley. I also review professionally for a company called NOR, which has close to a million website hits in a single month. I love my review family over at NOR.

When I am not reviewing or reading for that matter I can usually be found in my kitchen cooking or baking. I enjoy being in the kitchen and it is one of my favorite rooms in my house. I am also a serious Pinterest addict and starbucks fan. I like gardening also, but I do wish I would have inherited my Grandma's green thumb. Whenever I am planting or overdosing the plant on water I feel like an evil Disney villain slaying the poor creature. It's a curse, but I keep trying anyways.

Lastly, I am attempting to live my life solo. I lost someone I loved more than life at the start of this year due to a tereminal illness that we battled for months. I wasn't expecting to live without him so soon as twleve years is a long time to depend on someone. I'm coping. I'm trying. Books have helped me and I tend to spend more hours at the local libraries or local book shops more than ever before. I love a good story, but his and mine will always be my favorite...

If you would like to connect with me I am on Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and Amazon. You can find the links on the home page of this blog.  I look forward to chatting about books, romance and of course life. :)

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