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Copyright Information

-Reviews featured on this blog are the property of both myself and to Night Owl Reviews. The reviews themselves cannot be shared on any other website without written permission. Do not claim the reviews as your own or use any portion of the review itself. If you do so, legal action can be taken.

-Graphics that are used on this blog I have either purchased or that I am using with the proper permission. Do not reuse the graphics featured on this blog unless you have permission by myself or have purchased the graphic yourself through the available stores.

-Images that are used belong to their respectful parties are used with permission. I will state whether an image is my own or not. If I am using an image and you are the owner and would like for me to take the image down please email at and I will be more than happy to remove the image.

-Please respect this blog, the readers and myself. Anyone that is harmful will be removed from this blog.

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