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Blogger Resources

  When I was first learning how to blog I was on my own. To be honest I had a lot of trouble just trying to understand how each platform worked before I settled onto blogger. Fast forwarded three months and I finally was able to understand the basics. I wish I had someone to be there with me to help me along the way and so I thought I would include a blogging resource here on my own blog to help out fellow bloggers. Whether you are a beginning blogger or more advanced these sites that I am sharing with you, today has something for everyone and are fairly awesome!

 Of course, you can have a custom design for your blog made and a site that is a great place to get started is Etsy. However, I have found after having a custom design made for myself I much prefer to create my own backgrounds and headers. I like a more casual, simple style. :)

Both a blog as well as an Etsy store, my good friend Daphne runs both. Daphne is a very clever graphic designer who works with her many clients to deliver the best blogging experience possible. Her overall work is some of my favorite designs as she has designed for me personally for me in the past. I love how Daphne makes everything so fast, so easy and she is truly a wonderful person. The best part is that Daphne has designs that will fit any budget and she is very easy to work with.

Angie's site offers some of the best feminine designs for both blogger as well as the WordPress platforms. Most of the graphics are free of charge. In fact, many of the designs that I use on this blog were created by Angie and her team. Apart from the graphics, Angie offers great DIY projects for bloggers that make blogging much easier and I have learned a lot from the website.

 Shawna is one of my all-time favorite designers. She creates outstanding graphics of the modern woman. Shawna offers a wide range of women in all shapes, races, and lifestyles. I have worked with Shawna in the past and she is very sweet and I just adore her graphics. She also has an Etsy store and her impressive graphics are very reasonable in price.

I was first introduced to the Creative Market by facebook and I have to admit I fell in love with this sight. There is a wide range of beautiful, handmade designs for bloggers. Think Pinterest, only the Creative Market is a gathering place for graphic designers to sell their designs. The best part other than the market's very fair prices is that each week a section of designs are free for the entire week. Talk about awesome freebies!

If you haven't heard of this incredible site before you must check it out and soon! PicMonkey is mostly a free site that you can create blogger headers, photoshop/airbrush images, create stickers, edit personal photos and so much. I love the site so much that I use it nearly on a daily bases for both work and for my personal life. If you upgrade, like I have you can pay a low fee monthly for an extended amount of fun.  :)

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