Friday, April 28, 2017

Book Chat: The Novels on My Radar

        Hi, everyone! Before I start today's post I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have stopped by, "She Reads too Much Romance." By stopping by this blog you are not only supporting myself but also you are assisting authors in the promotional of their novels. As readers, you can look forward to author chats, giveaways, exclusive excerpts and of course my reviews. There will be even a chance to win one of many $100 gift cards to spend at Amazon or Barnes & Noble through Night Owl Reviews, details will follow soon. 

    In the meantime, after some careful brainstorming, I decided that since I know that I share a love for both books as well a romance I wanted to do a "Weekly Book Chat." The whole purpose of this chat is to get you, the reader, excited about upcoming releases from both established as well as new authors. I absolutely love browsing publisher websites and blogs, in general, to see what new releases will be arriving throughout the year.  As a PR it gives me a great opportunity to scout ahead so that I am able to be prepared for the books I know I want to add to my review schedule. Naturally, I just love to read and even if I know that I am not going to have the chance to review a novel (scheduling conflicts are the worst) I know I can at least purchase the novel I want to read. :)
If you are like me are excited to chat about books or romance, or both than my "Weekly Book Chat," will be perfect. I also plan to write a few posts about what life is like behind the scenes of professional book reviewing, how you can request ARCS and much more! I hope that you will join me and feel free to leave a comment. 

Without further delay, this week's chat is about the novels that I currently have my eye on. Some of the novels I have already received an ARC for and others I am looking forward to either reviewing or reading. So here are the books,

   All of these novels are releasing later this year with the exception of "Six Impossible Things," "Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and his Baby", and "The Truth About Love and Dukes which have already been released and can be purchased at your favorite bookstore or online. 

  What books are you most excited for this year? Comment below at let me know. :) 

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