Monday, April 24, 2017

A Letter From Me to You

    Hello readers and welcome to my blog, "She Reads too Much Romance." To be honest I had prominent expectations to have this blog running at a smooth if not steady pace by the first week of April. However as I have learned throughout most of my life, it is almost pointless for myself to make any plans that are too far ahead. Of course, I did have to literally start this blog from scratch and every design that you are seeing now is my own creative thinking, minus the actual template.

   I am happy to be writing my introduction now. I am a little behind schedule so I did have to put in some extra time that involved many nights of staying up to two a.m but I finally succeeded. Yay! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be back to blogging after nearly a year long absence. Some of you that may find your way here will likely notice me from my previous blog, "The Bookish & The Romantic." That blog is now gone and so is quite a few memories. I do have to confess that I am much happier with my new blog and I feel more in control of both my work as a Professional Reviewer and blogger than I did nearly a year ago. I think it is always a good idea to take a breather whenever possible in life and to create something new and that is what I am doing with not only myself but also with this blog.

   The real reason as I decided to get back to blogging other than the fact that I actually like meeting fellow book lovers is to keep my mind moving forward. I won't get into too many details since this is the internet, but I lost someone I loved more than life due to an illness that we had battled for months. I never wanted to be without M. In the twelve years we were together he was always by my side and he was the light in the darkness. M was my everything and I miss him terribly.

  Reading romance novels has helped me to move forward in my grief. I have always loved reading and the many adventures I have had with not only the various characters but with friends as well based on my reading. Books have helped me a lot in dealing with my grief as has writing reviews and pouring myself into work in the months that M has been gone.

  I not only love the publication industry but the buzz surrounding a new book tends to get my heart beating a little faster and I will forever love the smell of a bookstore. If M could be writing this now he would be sure to include that my favorite past time was him by my side as I read (make that devoured) a romance novel in the open sunshine of our front porch swing. 

  With this new blog, I hope to share new reviews with everyone who stops by. I also will have giveaways and other fun ideas coming soon. Please feel to browse the tabs that I have created including "Review Faqs," if you are a reader who wants to pen a perfect review, (I've had four years of experience) or if you want to just stop a leave a comment that would be great too. :) If you are an author please read over my, "Review Policy" and I do ask everyone to please take one minute to read my "Copyright Policy."

I look forward to spending more time with my fellow bookoholics as well as all the romantics (that's me for sure) this year. Do feel free to leave me a recommendation of your favorite romance novel! I might be a PR, but that does mean that I don't miss out on great romance reads every now and again! ;)

Until later,

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